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Books and other texts

Atom Bombs Atom Bombs, The top secret inside story of Little Boy and Fat Man, by John Coster-Mullen. (self-published), 2004.

Chugoku = Chugoku Shimbun News Co., Hiroshima.

DT = At Work in the Fields of the Bomb, photographs and text by Robert Del Tredici. Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., Vancouver, Canada. 1987.

HIMAT = Hiroshima In Memoriam and Today: A testament for the world. Edited by Hitoshi Takayama, with the cooperation of Hieroshima citizensd. The HIMAT Group, 2000

HN = Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The physical, medical, and social effects of the atomic bombings. Basic Books, Publishers, New York, 1981.

Impact = The Impact of the A-Bomb: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945-85. Iwanami Shoten, Publishers, Tokyo, 1985.


H.--- Hiroshima Collection

HIMAT.-- Hiroshima In Memoriam and Today (see above)

Nag.--- Nagasaki collection

HN (see above)

Impact (see above)

Photographs and other illustrative materials

H.000 - Courtesy of Hiroshima Peace Cultural Foundation

N.000 - Nagasaki International Culture Hall

HN - See above.

HIMAT - See above.

SI - Smithsonian Institution